Flog [verb]

Definition of Flog:

whip, lash

Synonyms of Flog:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flog:

Sentence/Example of Flog:

All I can say is, that I wish he was well, and could have us up and flog us all round, and so settle the matter off-hand.

Thus the game was played to the end, it being a flog out from New Brighton to the Formby, and a run back each round.

He carried an ash-plant in his hand to flog the horse and to strike at the dogs that crossed his way.

He was minded to flog an Indian or two, and thus extract information; but calmer counsels prevailed.

The masters here are very strict indeed, but they never flog, only lock them up in a dungeon, and have a soldier to guard it.

He war sort o' sassy, and de Oberseer strung him up and flog him bery hard.

They were like evasive Trappist monks, who profess mortification of the flesh, but when it comes to the scratch, don't flog fair.

However, seeing I was as determined to flog as she was to cry, she desisted before the tenth blow and became silent.

At laſt his maſter peremptorily told him he would on Monday morning tie him up and flog him.

He soon returned with a girl about seventeen years of age, whom one of Mr. Swan's daughters had ordered him to flog.