Gill [noun]

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The most significant of these is that in which the embryo is closely assimilated to the fish, by the possession of gill slits.

After the boiling has ceased, but before it is cold, add one gill of spirits of wine, and a grain of musk.

Captain Gill had been so kind as to send after me a choice tiffen, together with table and chairs, into this wilderness.

The great house is standin' there now, and a family by the name o' Gill, a colored man's family, lives there.

Marster Gill who owned us hired father to Major Wilder and mother moved wid him.

Half a gill of rum to two of water was served out once a day to each man.

It would not have been difficult to imagine in the midst of that swelling mass the shapes of fins and gill-coverings.

Call'd for half a Gill of bitters to qualify my humours; & a dish of Tea to cheer me, & soon to Bed.

When well mixed put it on ice, and when ready to serve up whip a gill of cream, which lightly mix with it.

Mince an onion; take about a dozen peppercorns, twenty juniper berries, three bayleaves, and put these into a gill of vinegar.