Gratitude [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gratitude:

Burn leaders generally aren’t celebrating for helping avoid a fire in the same way firefighters receive gratitude for their work, points out Keane.

As I understand, for yogis, saying namaste is a moment of contemplating the virtues associated with yoga – including peacefulness, compassion, and gratitude and how to bring those into one’s daily life.

In a recent interview, Amay expresses gratitude and a hopeful yet savvy look forward in uncertain times.

Paul plans to write a letter to show his gratitude to his kidney donor and hopes they can all meet someday.

As you said, your gratitude may start to kick in a little bit more.

These are all things that go deeply to issues like gratitude, and are you getting what you deserve, and how do you even think about that.

"I most humbly thank your lordship," replied the butler with an air of profound gratitude, as he chuckled in his sleeve.

A very little crust thrown to the very hungry is always accepted with gratitude.

The smiling face of man was blotted out; gratitude, virtue, were annihilated; and life had no longer an object!

He at once bowed himself to the ground in gratitude, and in words of the most humble sort returned his thanks.