Inclement [adjective]

Definition of Inclement:

bitter, nasty (weather)

Synonyms of Inclement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inclement:

Sentence/Example of Inclement:

The outer layer will often be water-resistant and windproof, so you won’t need to worry about inclement weather.

The city’s plans, however, were temporarily thwarted by inclement weather, with the mayor announcing that the reopening of school buildings would be delayed because of the weekend’s snowstorm.

In past years, the city has funded dozens of so-called inclement weather beds at Father Joe’s Village and PATH Connections Housing that the two providers offer when temperatures and rain forecasts meet certain benchmarks.

We outdoorsmen often associate this with cotton garments getting wet due to inclement weather, but our own perspiration will quickly render cotton garments ineffective as insulators in the cold.

The weather was inclement, and the roads heavy; so the gentlemen thus distinguished accepted Mr. Peyton's offer cordially.

We now encamped, made a shelter to defend us from the inclement season, and began to hunt and reconnoitre the country.

Famine, disease and inclement weather had taken off many and had broken the spirit of the most of the rest of the band.

Daily out-door exercise, for at least half an hour, is required, except when inclement weather or ill-health may prevent.

In that favoured climate neither smoke nor inclement weather marred the snowy beauties of its marble walls and terraces.

Sickness, famine, and the inclement weather, might wear out the enemy; but all these hopes disappeared before the immediate alarm.