Intrusions [noun]

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Chief among them was the putting an end to the intrusions of the outside claimants to Narragansett.

The tertiary formation is followed by an azoic formation of gneiss, mica slate, and phylada with large intrusions of granite.

I am not a coward—far from it—but I confess that such intrusions at the last minute are always disconcerting.

These intrusions upon the Indian territory were, however, conformable to the grants of the proprietors, the Indians.

But that is a confusion of thought, for these tyrannies are merely intrusions of the eighteenth century upon the twentieth.

The rocks of Labrador are largely metamorphic, but include ancient igneous intrusions, and are hard and resistant.

At times intrusions of this nature are of such thickness that they produce true mountain forms.

All the various phases of intrusions thus far referred to, it will be readily seen, are variations of one process.

And isn't it you who argues the finer shades between thisness and whatness, thickness and opaque intrusions at this juncture?

The symmetry of the scheme has been broken by intrusions or accidental omissions in the later history of the book.