Invoked [verb]

Definition of Invoked:

call upon

Synonyms of Invoked:

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Sentence/Example of Invoked:

Beiser clearly has not been convicted of a crime, which rules out one avenue for invoking the removal process.

A president can, in extreme cases, invoke the rarely used Insurrection Act to use the military for law enforcement.

It spoke to imminent arrest warrants while invoking another government-sounding entity.

In October 2017, a Bismarck police officer invoked Marsy’s Law after shooting and wounding a man who he said punched him and gouged his eyes.

You also don’t need to invoke Marsbot with a “hotword” like “Hey Google.”

They both invoked Starbucks of all places and for very different reasons.

A lot of physicists’ efforts to understand life seem to invoke ideas from thermodynamics, such as entropy.

When Democrats did invoke personal qualities, it was most often for her refusal to answer some of their questions.

With Guest mode on, which you invoke by saying “Hey Google, turn on guest mode,” the Assistant won’t offer personalized responses and your interactions won’t be saved to your account.

Consumer advocates say that such exemptions, which often exist in state laws, are rarely invoked by debtors because they either don’t know about them or don’t understand the process.