Miasmic [adjective]

Definition of Miasmic:

catching, spreading

Synonyms of Miasmic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Miasmic:

Sentence/Example of Miasmic:

You have spoken of miasmic mists that hung below the level of the tree-tops.

The mists arising from earth are only miasmic vapours after all!

And over all, rising from pools and bare ground and jungle alike, was a thin, miasmic mist.

But on account of the low, mean lives so many are living, they never rise above the miasmic contagion of the sin and self level.

Just beyond Long Island a low stratum of miasmic gray was the only shred of the usual fog to be seen on the whole horizon.

He had not felt equably well since the night of Gabriel's burial in the miasmic air of the mountain.

Farrell followed him reluctantly outside into a miasmic desolation more depressing than he could have imagined.

Day after day they pushed forward, skirting at times the edge of miasmic swamps, and generally sticking to the desolate plain.

An air of desolation seemed to hang above the scene like the miasmic vapors from some foul swamp.

A miasmic odor of damp decay seemed to increase in strength the further below the earth's surface he progressed.