Mushrooming [verb]

Definition of Mushrooming:

sprout; grow quickly

Synonyms of Mushrooming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mushrooming:

Sentence/Example of Mushrooming:

Twelve years ago the neighbourhood had shown no signs of mushrooming into its present opulence.

There were nutting and blackberrying and mushrooming and May-daying—plenty of simple merrymakings—within reach of all.

The cliffs resembled castle walls rising from the buried city, mushrooming themselves into sudden arrogance.

Mushrooming where it had struck Johnny and then the tree, the slug still retained its shape where it had fitted its brass shell.

Close at hand, one of the lava-needles vanished in soundless display of mushrooming explosion.

It had been made by a mushrooming bullet, and the wonder was that the man had lived at all after receiving it.