Perpetrate [verb]

Definition of Perpetrate:

be responsible for

Synonyms of Perpetrate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetrate:

Sentence/Example of Perpetrate:

He must be rid of the fellow in some way—no eye must see him perpetrate the deed he had in mind.

"What a lot of folly they have allowed me to perpetrate," he muttered as he ran along.

Let me perpetrate one more,—one which is perhaps the most glaring of all.

It is at this point that we perpetrate one of our commonest blunders.

Secondly, that you undertake to perpetrate no act of piracy while I am on board.

Bid them do the deed that you are too cowardly to perpetrate yourself!

In a word, what vice and crime does he perpetrate—what low acts does he commit?

But short of this, they can hardly be aware of the extent of the mischief they perpetrate.

Pollux, I repeat it, did not perpetrate the caricature, but a sculptor from Rome.

It was just possible that the ranchers might perpetrate some hostile act.