Promulgates [verb]

Definition of Promulgates:

make known

Synonyms of Promulgates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Promulgates:

Sentence/Example of Promulgates:

Are you going to promulgate that doctrine at the Suffrage League?

It was for him to promulgate the Imperial laws, sometimes to put forth edicts of his own.

No greater earnestness was ever given by man to promulgate a Gospel.

And as soon as he made this discovery he hastened to promulgate it.

But the President and Secretary had no right to promulgate any such order.

In order to promulgate this gospel, the church was organized.

There is no doubt that had he delayed there were others ready to promulgate the notion.

They go forth to promulgate the truth of which they are not sure.

Did you promulgate this extraordinary doctrine in the village, Mr. Enistor?

But what I conceive to be truth, I will promulgate, be the consequence what it may.