Ramifications [noun]

Definition of Ramifications:

consequence, development

Synonyms of Ramifications:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ramifications:

Sentence/Example of Ramifications:

I am always conscious of that, Joe; the ramifications of public life are innumerable.

There is no hamlet so small as not to be touched by their ramifications.

Her influence is felt everywhere, throughout the ramifications of our "Order."

It is simple in its manifestations, but most complex in its organization and in its ramifications.

But of its motive, of its ramifications, or of its conception, I had no knowledge.

How simple life was then compared with the ramifications of to-day!

But never before now had he seen the ramifications of death.

In this connection it is not possible to consider all of the ramifications of the lien law.

Some of these caves and their ramifications extend for many miles.

He found himself a cog in a machinery that seemed limitless in its ramifications.