Unsympathizing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unsympathizing:

You have thought me unsympathizing when my every nerve thrilled to your words.

She looked at me with a strange sort of unsympathizing hardness in her eyes.

"It was incredible how cold and unsympathizing and dull he could be," she went on.

Is there one indifferent or equivocal or unsympathizing drop of blood in him?

There is indeed possible the unsympathizing factitious calm of Art, which we find in Goethe.

Vi had conceived a great pity for him, great disgust for the selfish, unsympathizing wife.

They shiver at the remembrance of their lonely studios in the unsympathizing cities of their native land.

I have said that the abundant physical gift of life may carry with it a certain temptation to an unsympathizing self-sufficiency.

And I have been too cold and unsympathizing towards distracted parents.

In a word, they take this method to give a parting hit to an unfriendly and unsympathizing world.