Adumbrating [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Adumbrating:

There had, in truth, scarcely yet been time enough to adumbrate the possibilities opened up by this gentleman's return.

Feeble is human speech to deal with such high matters, serving, at the best, but dimly to adumbrate ineffable truths.

From now onwards the speeches of Brutus strangely adumbrate those of Hamlet.

Two short passages adumbrate the coming Tennyson, the rest is mystic nonsense.

A type is a symbol appointed by God to adumbrate something higher in the future, which is called the antitype.

One could adumbrate triumph or disaster by the effort, sustained or otherwise, made by them.

So far as communism of capital is concerned, did not Cleveland's graphic statement adumbrate the conditions as they exist today?

But it is now time to state, or rather faintly to adumbrate, the grand assumption of this singular work.