Associative [adjective]

Definition of Associative:

exclusive, select

Synonyms of Associative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Associative:

Sentence/Example of Associative:

Thus, the thinking of primitive man is almost exclusively associative.

By one of those associative reversals which are common in the field of mythology, this then reacted upon the corpse itself.

The element of associative suggestion also enters into the manifestation of sthetic emotional feeling.

The utility of smell would be great because it is accurate, and hence powerful in its associative quality.

We say nothing here of Relative or Associative Beauty,this has never been  doubted either in its essence or its value.

Their individual interests must be greater and more insistent than their associative interests.

If individualism is necessary to healthy growth, associative action is essential to any growth whatever of the social body.

Such individualism is in opposition to the altruistic and associative spirit of the present time.

By the associative mechanism, however, both the coherent and the merely coincident combinations recur.

This distinction marks off thought as activity from any psychical event and from the associative mechanism as mere happenings.