Biologic [noun]

Definition of Biologic:

substance that helps cure, alleviate, or prevent illness

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Sentence/Example of Biologic:

In no branch of natural history are biologic studies more easily carried on, or the biologic facts more remarkable or interesting.

The larger record book is especially necessary for biologic notes.

The evidence advanced against such marriages seems at first sight exceedingly strong from a biologic standpoint in man.

Fossils also have their biologic relations, and should be studied and arranged in biologic groups.

He is alert to note their effect on biologic science, but he does not shrink from any report of them.

Many of the papers are by those who are obviously overenthusiastic on the subject of the use of biologic preparations.

The biologic principles present are chlorophyll, chromoplast, lipoids and vitamines; these are ferments or enzymes.

The danger of commercialized therapeutics has been enormously increased by the introduction of biologic products.

Many young people are led by the biologic teachings of the day to regard man as the utterly helpless product of his environment.

For aught we can see, the phenomena put forth by the "rappers" differ not materially from the biologic developments.