Caching [noun]

Definition of Caching:

hidden supply

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Sentence/Example of Caching:

For example, your web browser caches images and scripts of sites you visit so subsequent visits to the same page will load much faster.

If someone who used the same computer after you in that temporary timeframe knew how to access a browser’s cache, and knew what to look for, it is possible they could have accessed the keys and tokens that you viewed.

In the email, obtained by TechCrunch, the social media giant said that the private keys and tokens may have been improperly stored in the browser’s cache by mistake.

Keep bears out of your food supplyOne of my favorite uses for 550 cord is when I need to suspend my food cache high in a tree.

It helps to be the WSJ, it carries cache with readers, journalists and the world, our ability to negotiate enhanced.

If all goes according to plan, the cache will be retrieved by a future mission in 2031 and, for the first time, material from Mars will be brought back to Earth for analysis.

As the caravan came nearer, David was convinced that he saw before him the owner of the cache and the canine.

They went to the chamber where Bemmon slept and there, almost at once, they found his cache.

They were not drunkards, but the cache had given them hopes of drinks.

If worst came to the worst there was bread stuff in the cache.