Dictates [noun]

Definition of Dictates:

command; rule

Synonyms of Dictates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dictates:

Sentence/Example of Dictates:

Fashion—Do not be too submissive to the dictates of fashion; at the same time avoid oddity or eccentricity in your dress.

These commands could not have been obeyed as the dictates of God's laws, had the duty of Covenanting not been performed.

Will you pardon the foregoing as the enthusiasm of a youthful mind, yet not altogether unimpressed by the dictates of prudence?

This is in accordance with the dictates of caste, inherited from Spain.

Trajan dictates a treaty of peace to Decebalus, the Dacian leader.

I smile at the suggestions of my heart, and obey its dictates.

In spite of the dictates of humanity, it cannot be eliminated.

The statutes of God are at once the commands of his law and the dictates of his covenant.

We are proceeding as passion dictates, not according to code.

Even now she did not regret having followed the dictates of duty, and remained at home.