Discountenanced [verb]

Definition of Discountenanced:

reject, oppose

Synonyms of Discountenanced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discountenanced:

Sentence/Example of Discountenanced:

But, by holding Presbytery as alone of Divine origin, she would most effectively discountenance such unjust claims.

Those teachers who discountenance local effort have only their own experience to guide them.

This conduct should receive not only the discountenance, but the decided reprehension of the respectable part of the community.

It cherishes those Passions, and rewards those Vices, which 'tis the business of Reason to discountenance.

Everything that we know of Shakespeare seems to discountenance the probability of his having any such intention.

But does not policy, as well as principle, require such men steadily to discountenance them?

And it will he a greater possibility if all the important men, English, Hindu and others of the country discountenance it.

In the beginning she was inclined to discountenance sundry ways and habits George favoured.

You promise to respect genuine brethren, and discountenance impostors and all dissenters from the original plan of Masonry?

Careful writers generally discountenance the use of indorse in the sense of sanction, approve, applaud.