Distortions [noun]

Definition of Distortions:

deformity; falsification

Synonyms of Distortions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distortions:

Sentence/Example of Distortions:

Badly constructed desks cause eye-strain and marked distortions of the spine.

The thousand distortions of her whole body showed how the dogs of hell were gnawing at her heart.

But let them not mistake deformity, vicious shape, unnatural and injurious attitudes, and hurtful distortions for beauty.

It occurs among the stigmata of degeneracy, and is not rarely associated with grave moral defects and intellectual distortions.

It is evident, at a glance, whence the distortions of these cripples come; they all look exactly alike.

Has woman ever looked more supreme through all the centuries of extravagant styles and distortions?

The first is to build a rigid truck so that it will resist all shocks and distortions that come from rough and uneven roads.

There is no need to pay undue attention to the amusing exaggerations and distortions of Mr. Belloc and Mr. Cecil Chesterton.

The distortions are something on the order of Pig Latin or the languages which groups of children sometimes concoct.

Here the device is to begin with distortions of the Mohave words which, however, the taught fail or refuse to learn.