Dumpling [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dumpling:

Since sheltering at home, I’ve been making dumplings more often, every two to three weeks, and freezing them.

I’m not sure I cut the dumpling dough correctly, but my weirdly sized and shaped dumplings worked for us.

Office workers and shoppers huddled against the January chill are wolfing down plates of katsu curry, noodles and spicy dumplings.

Scattergood opened his eyes and peered over his dumpling cheeks at McKettrick, but said nothing.

Lippo, seriously looking at him, said quite reproachfully, "Now you don't even see that we have apple-dumpling."

It belongs as much to the cooking of a dumpling as it does to the belief in deity.

His big fat face, shaped like a dumpling, wore a hard and ugly expression.

She had a clean cloth on the table, a plentiful dinner provided, and a dumpling set before each boy.

When these are done, remove them; season and thicken, serving a dumpling with meat and vegetables to each plate of stew.

Master Gammon was laboriously and steadily engaged in tightening himself with dumpling.