Duster [adjective]

Definition of Duster:

dark, burnished color

Synonyms of Duster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duster:


Sentence/Example of Duster:

We’ve found some great choices for your consideration that are as easy to care for as using a duster.

Edna was sitting on the tabouret, idly brushing the tips of a feather duster along the carpet when he came in again.

Again the man stops at my door, his head turning right and left, the while he diligently plies the duster.

Mrs. Owen appeared ready for this adventure with her tall figure wrapped in a linen "duster."

"Everything is so sweet and cosey I almost envy you," she added, dusting the top of the clock with a tiny feather duster.

They are eternally poking into corners with a feather duster.

She tossed her head and flipped her duster at him, but it was evident that she was not displeased.

Well, dear, you must confess it is just like duster stuff—now, isn't it?

She went to the side-board, opened a drawer, and took out a duster, which she kept there for any occasional purpose.

He cleaned his own gun and examined, leather duster in hand, every round of ammunition he took up.