Enviable [adjective]

Definition of Enviable:

desired, blessed

Synonyms of Enviable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enviable:

Sentence/Example of Enviable:

Ben Smith has an enviable view of the current media landscape.

So regardless of the health of Newsom’s own political career, he has the enviable — and extremely rare — opportunity to shape California politics for years to come.

Moreover, by showcasing that skill while under lockdown, Swift was only further emphasizing her enviable work ethic.

For any company that finds itself in the enviable position of being ahead of the curve at the moment, it’s critical to capitalize on the opportunity and plan for long-term success, especially during this unprecedented and volatile period.

In general, there has been a backlash against the perceived elites, those in power, who have had enviable quarantines — and lives.

Are they not an indication of happiness, and is not that an enviable possession?

Bear in mind that the reputation of being the "late Mr. Smith" is not enviable.

Why then, my friend, should you not possess this enviable blessing?

Well, I am not going to deny that it is a privilege—a most enviable one.

Nor was the finishing of their testimony, in the eyes of the world, enviable.