Extravagantly [adverb]

Definition of Extravagantly:

to a great extent

Opposite/Antonyms of Extravagantly:


Sentence/Example of Extravagantly:

“There was definitely some extravagant spending,” the prosecutor said.

Otherwise, the combination of ground prawns seasoned with garlic and ground pork marinated in Shaoxing wine — the filling for the fluttery dumplings — is extravagant, and richer for the broth in which they bob.

I’m not saying you should plan an extravagant outdoor adventure for your dog, and then bring yourself along for the ride, but I’m not not saying that, either.

In campaign season, candidates make extravagant promises about all the bills they will pass.

He told me that he was still extravagantly fond of whiskey, though he was constantly "running it down."

His extravagantly tall fluffy hat was so perched on the top of his head that it was a wonder it did not fall off more frequently.

One bookseller's shop, where books are extravagantly dear, exists in the low town, and one other in the ascent to the upper.

He was the image of Juana, who secretly petted him extravagantly, although she pretended to like her younger son the better.

She was a tall and handsome woman, with extravagantly marine clothes and much false hair.

Spending extravagantly when there is money, going without cheerfully when there is none.