Fermented [verb]

Definition of Fermented:

split into simpler substances; be agitated

Synonyms of Fermented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fermented:

Sentence/Example of Fermented:

If you’re serving a plant-based Thanksgiving, or just want to try flavoring your gravy another way, wine — fortified or not — cider, vinegar, herbs, ferments, spices and aromatic vegetables are your best bets.

They did justice to the provisions, but to their credit they drank very slightly of the fermented liquors.

Now our sulphur will sufficiently be fermented, or our medicine brought into a metallic nature.

They make free use of fermented drinks, especially brandy, chicha, and guarapo.

Guarapo is a fermented liquor, made of sugar-cane pulp and water.

So little Brahminists are they that they eat of the flesh of the jackal and the cow, and indulge freely in fermented drinks.

So that corn is, in fact, a powerful fermented stimulus to the beast.

This, when first drawn, is cooling and salutary; but when fermented and distilled, produces an intoxicating spirit.

From the juice of the date the Arab obtains a sweet fermented liquor, called laguni, of which he is inordinately fond.

The root, when baked, is much used as an article of food, and the fermented juice yields an intoxicating beverage.