Misconceived [verb]

Definition of Misconceived:


Opposite/Antonyms of Misconceived:

Sentence/Example of Misconceived:

Consuello's words, "Why must we always impute a misconceived motive?"

The author is not indifferent to the possibility that his purpose may be misconceived.

For a moment I even fancied that I had misconceived him, and that he was in sober earnest.

Many circumstances will unavoidably be misconceived and misrepresented.

Perhaps, in the text, I may have misconceived my author's meaning.

Doubly mortifying is my misfortune to me, as it must tend to cause me to be misconceived.

But no matter; Deerslayer has not misconceived me, when he told you I should be found at my post.

How had he so failed and so misconceived the Master's plain teaching?

He misconceived her feeling, and took advantage of it to retain her hand.

I say this because our position in this regard is often misconceived.