Nourishes [verb]

Definition of Nourishes:

feed, care for

Synonyms of Nourishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nourishes:

Sentence/Example of Nourishes:

It may be hurtful to the man who nourishes it and dangerous to society.

The food which nourishes the body is composed of the same elements and compounds.

The more it nourishes the less chance shall we have of preserving it.

Their blood need not be highly oxygenated; it nourishes just as well when impure.

He does not startle or dazzle a reader; he does what is better—he nourishes.

So beautiful is not the mossy fountain That sings like bard and nourishes like mother!

She was drooping like a plant cut off from all that nourishes its life.

Strife and wrangling have made him rich, and he is thankful to his benefactor, and nourishes it.

Womb—That organ of the woman which conceives and nourishes the offspring.

She cherishes and nourishes them, and expects no gratitude in return.