Overanxious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Overanxious:

Most people are insomniac, mainly because they are overanxious about their sleep.

I offered to keep it for them, but they were not overanxious to part with the cash.

Once before, in the Maine woods, he had been an unwilling target, on that occasion for an overanxious deer hunter.

“Aunt Prissy likes Louise; we all do,” pleaded Faith; so her father said no more, thinking that perhaps he had been overanxious.

She was being made temporarily ill by the unwise and unfortunate suggestions of the overanxious mother.

He was a nervous child with a habit spasm, the son of a highly neurotic father and an overanxious mother.

That Brimfield did not add another touchdown was only because her line, overanxious, was twice found off-side and penalised.

If the secondary defence, overanxious, had not been fooled by that fake attack at their end Tim would never have gained a foot.

She felt he was not overanxious to caress her, and preferred that the rendering of this impossible should come from her side.

But this youngster was overanxious and would shift before the pitcher started to deliver the ball.