Stressful [adjective]

Definition of Stressful:


Synonyms of Stressful:

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Sentence/Example of Stressful:

These are stressful times, and we have to be economical in our efforts.

But I hain't got master long ter live—an' when Jim an' me both passes on, I fears me thar'll be stressful times ahead.

The lame foot was pounding the deck with the stressful stamp that was always his indication of rage.

Surely some divinity provided for us always in the most stressful hours.

Hewson might not have been in what he thought any stressful need of ghostly comfort or reassurance in matters of faith.

As a consequence of therapy, you come to be less frustrated by stress, able to recover from stressful experiences more quickly.

They are ways of treating symptoms; they can help you continue to cope with stressful situations.

If you cannot or do not want to leave a stressful environment, techniques of relaxation training may benefit you.

Under these stringent and stressful conditions does each living being come into the world.

And all putting in and getting nothing out results in stressful times, in business ventures as in the case of individuals.