Plants [noun]

Definition of Plants:

organism belonging to the vegetable kingdom

Synonyms of Plants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plants:


Sentence/Example of Plants:

It is our mission, as the plants and the lower living things have theirs.

There seemed to be much novelty in the plants along its banks.

The question is, How was the land surface formed for the growth of plants?

There was less order in the garden than before, but the plants and shrubs were of her own setting.

Her yard is a varying pageant of plants in all stages of misfortune.

I asked for some shrubs, flowers and plants, which I arranged along the three steps.

If any of the plants are eat by this worm, you must set another one by it.

This mode of reproduction is common to the great majority of plants.

It seems a hard method of ridding the plants of their enemies.

Stakes should be used that when driven will be about two-thirds the height of the plants.