Pompously [adverb]

Definition of Pompously:


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Sentence/Example of Pompously:

"Mr. Beckendorff is in the library, sir," said the old lady, pompously.

Boche, moreover, pompously agreed to the arrangement in the landlord's name.

"Call your philosophy to your aid, and be anxious for nothing," said O'Shea, pompously.

"Something shall be done for you, sir," said the Judge, pompously.

He was too pompously and innocently aware of his own existence to observe that of others.

"About a matter that may make him a lot of money," the man explained, pompously.

Those who'd learned first pompously passed on what they knew.

"She 'ain' possessed no reply to dat indictment," he said, pompously.

The rest of the reviews, as far as I could see, pitied and berated us pompously.

“Roast beef to begin with,” announced Master Eric pompously.