Reset [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Reset:

Some of the diamonds had been reset, and she wore them at various official functions.

That will make no difference to the owner, as I shall have it reset at my own expense.

These are yours; I saved them from the fire that day you behaved so rudely to them, and have had them reset.

The men were endeavoring to reset the switch for the main line contact.

The men were again called, and together they reset all the head canvas.

The bones had slipped out of place and now it was too late to reset them.

Then the stranger, putting on fresh bait, had reset the trap.

Then he took the mink out of the trap and reset it, supplying it with his own bait.

Ring that bell again, boy, and order them to reset the breakfast-table.

There the said Hugh was fined in 1000 merks for reset, harbour and converse with him.