Shuts [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Shuts:

What is the use of a beautiful face, if one must be shut up in her own apartment for ever?

It's a pity you ain't got some one to shut down on you that way.

Harriet had not "gone into her closet and shut the door" for nothing.

If criticism of this kind is prohibited the doors of the House might as well be shut.

I must make it clear to myself that He does not shut me out of His heart because I am guilty of sins.

Do not open and shut the doors, and make a noise, as if there were four of you.

I'm afraid Diablo'll shut up when he's pinched; his kind are apt to do that.

She ran around the house, and he heard a door open and shut.

Just watch the Indian, an' don't let him shut you in on the rail if you can help it.

He is now shut up in his apartment, whither I heard him go on leaving mine.