Unspent [adjective]

Definition of Unspent:

not spent

Synonyms of Unspent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unspent:

Sentence/Example of Unspent:

She was healthy and active, quick at everything, and restless with unspent energy.

He resented, from his own depleting store, her unspent sum of days.

And still there was a large portion of the four hundred and twenty dollars unspent.

Gives to seas and sunset skies The unspent beauty of surprise.

And the storm raged at intervals with all the ferocity of unspent passion.

"Think of all the unspent forces back in that silver mine," remarked Miss Milbrey, with a patent effort to be significant.

Delivering the bow and unspent shaft, she glides off without further speech or ceremony.

The harbor was not even half awake; it was yet heavy with the unspent drowsiness of a summer night.

In the morning the storm was over and all was smiling again, except that the sea was still boisterous with its unspent fury.

Conscience, soul, whatever it was, it was sending him back to Carter with that unspent bribe money.