Urine [noun]

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Urine in health is lower, but in diabetes often much higher.

Urine Tests are necessary to determine the composition of the secretion.

Urine frequently contains an abnormally large quantity of urea.

Urine which thus yields, without previous concentration, the nitrate, is said to contain an excess of urea.

Haughtons method of estimating Urea from the specific gravity of the Urine.

Urine is passed frequently, a small quantity at a time, of a high color, and sometimes mixed with blood or even pus.

Urine, specific gravity, 1010; greenish-yellow, fetid (decaying fruit).

Urine scanty, and looked like that of a child troubled with worms, light red-colored stain on bottom of vessel,2  (second day).

Urine clear on passing, but becomes as above described on standing,2  (third day).

November 20: Urine examined, no sugar found, no symptom noticed at any time after injection.