Affectingly [adverb]

Definition of Affectingly:

completely, intensely

Synonyms of Affectingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affectingly:

Sentence/Example of Affectingly:

Copies of ten of these rambling papers; and of a letter to him most affectingly incoherent.

Here were she, Mrs Lammle, and her husband discoursing at once affectingly and effectively, but discoursing alone.

Arlington is here—brought expressly to play suitor, and looking affectingly conscious of his rôle.

Monsieur Laboussole's tone was becoming affectingly sentimental.

Fear was my teacher; it taught me to appear so innocent, to implore so affectingly, that Anna herself was touched.

When they talk in the most affectingly pious manner, and really surpass you in religious sentiment, you hardly know what to do.

Bit snarly at first, but when he found how keen I was, quite affectingly pleasant.

While this work is affectingly serious, some portions of it partake of the character of novelty.

Nevil's frightful cry played on his ear-drum at whiles, but not too affectingly.

He would have written not less affectingly for poor dog Tray.