Ameliorates [verb]

Definition of Ameliorates:

make, become better

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Sentence/Example of Ameliorates:

Nicole Goodkind, politics writerI’ve read over and over that the only way to ameliorate jet lag is to get your body clock on the clock of where you are as quickly as possible.

It’s important to stick around for 15 minutes in case you have an allergic reaction so that you can be treated with epinephrine to ameliorate your symptoms.

Using technology to ameliorate the burden of technology surrounding our new remote-working lives is a great example of a grafting on a solution after the fact.

Moynihan used social science research to reveal the failures of civil rights laws to ameliorate economic and racial inequality.

Still the King managed to retain his popularity, and in his own way attempted to ameliorate the lot of his subjects.

And the Church never, never raised a finger to ameliorate their condition.

That was an evil with which the clergy did not grapple; they would ameliorate it, but did not seek to remove it.

By the law de provinciis ordinandis, he sought to regulate the provinces and ameliorate their administration.

Many physicians had exerted their utmost skill in endeavouring to ameliorate his condition.

The absence of a successor in the direct line did not ameliorate the lot of the Grand Princes nephew, Dimitri.