Avian [adjective]

Definition of Avian:

in the air, winged

Synonyms of Avian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Avian:

Sentence/Example of Avian:

It seemed to be inspecting them as a smaller avian might inspect a bug crawling across a road.

Perhaps sir can inform inquirer, in such case, what is curious avian object?

Myology and serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae, a taxonomic study.

The large grey shrikes add the clamour of their courtship to the avian chorus.

Thus on the 1st of May the avian population of India is less by many millions than it was at the beginning of April.

Whether he be energetic or the reverse he cannot fail to hear a great many avian sounds both by day and by night.

These awakened amphibia fill the welkin with their croakings, which take the place of the avian chorus at night.

The pied starlings are in full voice; their notes form a very pleasing addition to the avian chorus.

The pied starlings have become comparatively subdued, their joyful melody is no longer a notable feature of the avian chorus.

The Avian egg has been a still more disputed object than even the egg of the Osseous Fishes.