Baldheaded [adjective]

Definition of Baldheaded:

having no covering

Synonyms of Baldheaded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baldheaded:

Sentence/Example of Baldheaded:

Mr. Woods was a baldheaded man of at least 60 years who taught us map reading and aircraft identification.

Gentlemen are sitting baldheaded in elegant dressing-gowns, while their wigs are being taken out of roulettes.

The second god is the baldheaded old deity, whom Schellhas designates as N.

Better go for it baldheaded, calling things by their right names, taking your gruel, and standing by to receive the lash.

I was surprised to see many baldheaded men, some not over thirty years old.

He's going baldheaded for some temperance fad and is backed by a score or so of Presbyterian ministers.

The two ladies reminded her of an old baldheaded eagle in a garden hat and 249 a silver pheasant in a lavender bonnet.

This little city editor is baldheaded, bow-legged, plain to a degree.

Go for one another baldheaded in the papers and then all blows over.

The conductor demanded a ticket from a baldheaded old man whose face was mostly hidden in a great mass of white whiskers.