Cling [verb]

Definition of Cling:

attach to

Synonyms of Cling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cling:

Sentence/Example of Cling:

Life is represented as struggling to free herself from the gross earthly forms that cling to her.

It is wonderful how long a withered leaf will sometimes cling to its branch.

These had a ghostly effect on Yung Pak, and made him cling closely to the side of his tutor.

Even when the new have been adopted we very often find that something of the ancient and discarded notions cling in our phrases.

We occupy too wide an extent of country: we exhaust our resources without profit and without necessity: we cling to dreams.

The boys placed the girls amidships, and showed them how to cling to the straps on either side.

Even where the blocks of stone cling in the bed, it is only a short time before they are again set in motion or ground to pieces.

Cling as closely as possible to the saddle, but avoid stooping forward, or using your hands to keep you in your seat.

See the tottering baby cling to its mother for support; watch it run to her when it is frightened.

Why should any cling to an oath of allegiance to a power that, in this particular, as well as in others, is anti-christian?