Diatribes [noun]

Definition of Diatribes:

harangue, criticism

Synonyms of Diatribes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diatribes:

Sentence/Example of Diatribes:

Ask anyone what they would change and you’d probably hear a diatribe on how there are too many cooks in the kitchen or how seemingly simple decisions take much longer than they should.

The diatribe closed with a really graceful poem, and the whole was no doubt highly regarded by the Enterprise readers.

Thus, I am not at all sure what Mr. Fuller really said; but there is no doubt whatever of the indignation kindled by his diatribe.

Forbes was startled to realize that he was included in the diatribe, and that those ferocious words were applied to Persis, too.

Hence, in the case of Valckenaer, we must derive the contradictions in his diatribe.

To some eyes it underlies them most when it is most ambitious, as in the Le Fevre story and the diatribe against critics.

The speech is not a mere party diatribe, but a terse historical and legal examination of the origin of the Mexican War.

Was it perchance of any of these that Thomas Carlyle was thinking when he wrote the following characteristic diatribe?

This diatribe he concluded thus: ‘You know we owe England nothing.’

Connie listened with growing disgust to the wolfish diatribe.