Dolent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dolent:

On a day in the dark, uncharted past of Brittany a fierce battle was fought in the Champ Dolent.

Si d'aventure aucû chevalier non hardy ou paresseux te possède après ma mort j'en seray grandement dolent.

Dole and dolent are doubtless the exact counterparts of dolore and dolente, so far as mere etymology can go.

Pest on these dreary, dolent airs!Confound these funeral pomps and poses!

When the sailors heard this they were very dolent, but there was naught that they might do.

The menhir du Champ Dolent sinks an inch every hundred years.

She regarded him with her smoky eyes, in which he now saw that dolent, almost dolorous expression which had captivated him.

Our past need not be in a graveyard, and one agrees with Jean Dolent that man is surely matter, but that his soul is his own work.

Very dolent was he and sorely troubled that so young a knight should be esteemed above his fathers.

Towards this forest Graelent rode, deep in heavy thought, and very dolent.