Drinks [noun]

Definition of Drinks:

beverage; alcoholic beverage

Synonyms of Drinks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drinks:


Sentence/Example of Drinks:

Groups of young people milled around the “concession” which served the delicious cooling drinks.

At the bureau he ordered a couple of packs of cards and a supply of drinks and went to his palatial room on the ground floor.

Every Chinese, rich or poor, drinks neither pure water nor spirituous liquors, but invariably indulges in weak tea with no sugar.

Soon the hot blankets, hot water, and steaming drinks began to take effect and the shivering stopped.

I shall leave with joy this unfortunate earth, which swallows up the friends of virtue and drinks the blood of the just.

Mr. Punch takes this opportunity of joining in the demonstration, and drinks to Sir Henry Irving.

There Mandleco offered drinks, but the young man named Victor refused his, preferring to maintain his air of injured dignity.

Look: Nature burns around us and rolls in the arms of Summer, and drinks in the devouring breath of her ruddy spouse.

He would form a circle of disreputable youths, for whose drinks Sogrange was called upon to pay.

Dey more dey drinks from de white crock de better humor dey gits in.