Gelt [verb]

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By 1086 the number of houses had decreased to 100, and of these 20 were in such a wretched condition that they could not pay geld.

One-third of the geld was paid to Geoffrey de Coutances, bishop of Exeter, who threw up the earthworks of the castle.

Well, she's heir of all this isle (for I will geld monster).

Come, knave, it were a good deed to geld thee, by Cock's bones!

One great purpose seems to mould both its form and its substance; it is a geld-book.

The total of the geld charged upon it was almost exactly or quite exactly 100.

True, that some minor purposes may be achieved by the kings commissioners, though the quest for geld is their one main object.

No sooner was William crowned than he laid on men a geld exceeding stiff.

First it mentions the persons seated on land for the geld of which he is responsible, and them it arranges in an order of merit.

But it now has to discover some house against which a demand may be made for every particular penny of geld.