Gibes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gibes:

Anyhow de Yankees takes all de hams, but dey gibes us de shoulders.

As a rule the crowd seemed indifferent to the insolent gibes and provocations of the episcopals.

Everyone heard the wails and gibes of Sutton M., but to few or none were the woes of Alberta May made known.

But it is upon the political platform that the gibes and sneers at Phariseeism are intended to be most stinging.

Amy, though undisturbed by Martine's gibes at the slowness of her steed, was glad enough to get out of the carriage.

His driver sat, whip in hand, magnificently impenetrable to the gibes and jests that were flying around her.

But several of his rowdy friends closed around me and held me there, compelled to listen to his gibes as he rattled on.

And clutching his cane in the middle, he began to run, provoking the gibes of a group of street urchins, who cheered him on.

No commonly sensitive lad could bear the gibes of the fellows raking at antecedents: Fleetwood would be the name to start roars.

Susan on the platform courageously faced their gibes until she and her companions were forced out into the street.