Innovate [verb]

Definition of Innovate:

begin, institute

Synonyms of Innovate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Innovate:

Sentence/Example of Innovate:

I am excited for him to lead our teams and continue innovating for customers.

More brands innovating their own search engines would create new opportunities for digital marketers and the brands we help build.

In fact, we have to double down on investment in research and development and empower people to innovate through nontraditional collaboration.

Businesses are feeling the urgency to dig into data more effectively and innovate more quickly.

The pandemic is forcing many industries to innovate and come up with ideas that help them stay relevant in the “new normal.”

Though the pandemic has meant that most people are working from home, enterprising designers such as Earth Nut have innovated, selling face masks that both protect their wearers and promote their culture.

Well, because that creates enormous incentives to innovate and people are just very ambitious and entrepreneurial and there’s much less social insurance and the stakes are very high.

The Greeks found means to improve, or at least to innovate, upon perfection itself.

In attempting to innovate, some danger of lowering the nobility of the type would be incurred.

In him assuredly there was no attempt at inventiveness; he has always repudiated the idea that the poet should seek to innovate.