Inquiring [adjective]

Definition of Inquiring:

wondering, curious

Synonyms of Inquiring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inquiring:

Sentence/Example of Inquiring:

So he very readily consented, inquiring how soon Garnache would require them.

He even brushed up his archaic French for the sake of inquiring directly after the child's health from Fanchette.

Pike's head suddenly appeared above the hurdles, and he began inquiring after her health.

"Our holiday work," said Mrs. Larpent, in answer to the inquiring look of Norman's eyes.

Bartow was in the middle of the study, with his eyes fixed on his master's empty chair in an inquiring way that spoke volumes.

He actually inserted a coaxing and inquiring finger, the babe gravely suffering it.

Jimmy says the pig just turned on its heel and walked round the garden sampling things and inquiring into them.

The statement that he was "still inquiring" brought no comfort to the House of (Short) Commons.

He had a great and inquiring mind, but it gave him no knowledge of a spiritual, controlling, and personal deity.

Government had never intended to preclude itself from inquiring to what towns corporate powers should be extended.