Jaundice [verb]

Definition of Jaundice:


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Sentence/Example of Jaundice:

Studies show that jaundice in newborn babies puts them at mortal risk, and for Oboro the fight was personal.

I was laid low by yellow jaundice, and unable to travel with the next party that left for Novorosisk.

Her health gradually declined, and about the beginning of February she was attacked by the jaundice, and confined to her bed.

So a man with the jaundice sees everything yellow, and one with red bile on his tongue tastes everything bitter.

If it is looked upon by one who has the yellow jaundice, the bird straightway dies, but the sick person becomes well instantly.

One of the most prominent symptoms of jaundice is the depression which accompanies that malady.

She was troubled with jaundice, and on three occasions had severe attacks of fever, each lasting from six to eight weeks.

Asthma, anasarca, jaundice, and great hardness and straitness across the region of the stomach.

The jaundice soon afterwards vanished, and tonics restored him to perfect health.

The attack of jaundice may have been an arant-courier of the disease of the liver which brought him to the grave six years later.