Packer [adjective]

Definition of Packer:

flood, overrun

Synonyms of Packer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Packer:


Sentence/Example of Packer:

And the packer, shaking with laughter, turned again to the chair he had been wrapping.

“That packer is rather fine, considered as a muscular animal,” she said.

Turning his back on the Israelite, Scarlett gave all his attention to the packer.

"This is where you boys got astray, I reckon," said Mr. Packer.

Lisle looked at Jake, and the packer smiled in a significant manner.

When the second packer is satisfied that it is all right he cries, "Enough!"

The first one is known as the head packer, and the other as the second packer.

He appealed to Packer, who helped him out and got his money for him.

Packer gave me a wink which was the cue, and I asked for the oars.

The stirrup hitch, to be used when the packer has rope but no cinch.