Paling [verb]

Definition of Paling:

become, make lighter or weakened

Synonyms of Paling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paling:

Sentence/Example of Paling:

The west was paling, and the August insects stirred the air with their crooning chirp.

Between that garden and these grounds there is but a paling, which we can easily scale.

"Oh, I can't—I can't—you mustn't—" she stammered, reddening and paling.

The stars were paling, but the day had not yet dawned, when there came a knock at the door.

The crimson, however, was leaving his face and the said face was paling rapidly.

Dawn was paling the blue-black sky as the radio engineer returned.

He dropped, trembling, flushing and paling, into the indicated seat.

And now the lower stars were paling in a far-off flush of light.

Is there no danger of the creature springing over the paling?

The expectation that he would be able to speak the conciliating word was paling.