Precocious [adjective]

Definition of Precocious:

exceptionally smart, ahead of age in understanding

Synonyms of Precocious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precocious:

Sentence/Example of Precocious:

As for that precocious damsel, she would run no least risk of destruction by the satyr.

Many of our greatest divines have been anything but precocious.

Her mother tried to frighten her; but the child was too precocious.

Of precocious nature, she endured her martyrdom with extraordinary fortitude.

Henry was still in bed, but awake and reading Smiles with precocious gusto.

His countenance was pleasing and bore no trace of precocious criminality.

He was, however, an individual of earthy hue, with precocious wrinkles.

In crossing to Niagara, we had a specimen of the precocious colonist of 1845.

This is a beautiful illustration of the futility of precocious teaching.

But the precocious Adams had only a little of the prig and nothing of the hypocrite in his nature.